How to make a payment on Hevo

You can make payments on Hevo through your Credit / Debit Card. We support all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club). All payments are made in USD.

To make a payment on Hevo, You can go to Billing section under Settings. Follow these steps from thereon:

Provide Billing Details

You will be taken to the Billing Details section.

Enter your company’s details. Invoices will be sent to the given email id. Be sure of the details before saving it, as Name, Email Id, and Country are the noneditable fields.

Once you have given us your billing details you will be redirected to Payment Methods section where you can add your Card.

Add a Card

Enter the card number, date of expiry and CVC code. Press Add Card button. The newly added card would be made default and charges will be made on this card.

Make a Card Default.

If you have added multiple cards with Hevo you can change your default card. Hevo always charges your default card. To make a card as default, go to Payment Methods section and hover on the card you want to make default. Click on Primary to make it the default card.

Delete a Card.

To delete a card, go to Payment Methods section and and click on Remove button on card to delete it. If you delete the default card, the last added card would be made default. You must contact Hevo Support if you need to delete all your cards.