Mapping Events to Firebolt Tables

Last updated on Feb 03, 2023
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Tables in Firebolt are designed to optimize performance using some unique characteristics. The selection of these characteristics is based on the nature of your query. Hence, Hevo cannot automatically create the tables. As a result, auto-mapping is not supported for a Firebolt Destination.

Firebolt allows you to create two types of tables:

  • Fact: This type is recommended for tables that need to store factual data about your business. For example, the fact table Sales shown below contains all sales-related transactions.

    Fact table

  • Dimension: This type is recommended for smaller tables that are typically more descriptive in nature and are joined with the FACT tables. For example, the tables Product, Period, and Store shown below contain information about the products, the time period, and the store details.

    Dimension table

Both these tables are handled differently to optimize the performance of SQL queries and joins in the tables.

If your table does not fit in either of the traditional Fact or Dimension definitions, you can define very large tables as Fact, and smaller tables as Dimension.

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