General FAQs

Does Hevo provide APIs for automating Pipeline operations?

Yes, Hevo provides APIs for automating Pipeline operations. Hevo API is free for all users and is also available for users on a Trial account.

Hevo API provides you endpoints to:

  • Create, fetch, and update pipelines

  • Update Source configurations

  • Update Pipeline position, priority, and schedule

  • Resume, Skip, Include, Pause, and Restart pipeline objects

  • Fetch and Update object position

  • Use and test Transformations

  • Manage Schema Mapping

  • Manage users in the team

Read Hevo API for more information.

How can I schedule a demo?

You can schedule a demo with Hevo Data Solutions Team to know more about Hevo and its functionality using Calendly.

A typical demo session duration is 30 minutes.

To schedule a demo:

  1. Open Calendly by one of the following ways:

    • Click here to open Calendly.

    • Go to and click on “SUPPORT CALL”

      Support Call

  2. Select a date to schedule the demo from the available slots.

    Hevo's Calendly page

  3. Select a time of your convenience from the available slots.

    Select your schedule

  4. Click Confirm.

    Confirm the schedule

  5. Provide the necessary details.

    Necessary Details

    You receive a schedule confirmation on the provided email address.


Can I customize alert preferences for other members of the team?

Alert preferences define how each person prefers to be notified of any updates. Therefore, team members can define these only for their own account.

For information on how to customize your alert preferences, read Customizing Alert Preferences.

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