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A workspace in Hevo is a collaborative working platform where members of a team can create and access Pipelines, Models, Workflows, and Activations. Hevo allows you to create up to five teams using the domain name of your organization. Each team creates its own workspace.

A workspace can have the following user roles:

  • Owner

  • Member

The Member and the Owner roles have the following privileges in common:

  • Creating and managing Pipelines, Models, Workflows, and Activations.

  • Deleting Pipelines, Models, Workflows, and Activations created by their team members.

  • Inviting members to their workspace.

The Owner role has additional administrative privileges for managing the Hevo account and the workspace, such as:

  • Modifying workspace members’ permissions.

  • Purchasing and modifying the Hevo subscription, Add-On plans, any On-Demand Credits or Events.

  • Configuring payment methods.

  • Receiving billing details and usage summary related emails.

  • Updating the notification settings and Slack integration.

  • Deleting the Hevo account.

Whenever a person from your organization signs up on Hevo and requests access to a workspace, the Owner(s) of that workspace receive an email with their request, and they can choose to accept or reject that request. Optionally, the person can choose to create a new team and workspace, if five workspaces have not been created already.

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