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    Shrishti Upadhyay

    I am in process to select a tool for ETL and replication. My High Level use case will be moving data from MySQL to Redshift and performing some transformation also.

    I was going through this documentation and I had some concerns (if Redshift is the destination) which are not mentioned in this doc.
    Could you please let me know how will you insert the data in redshift and how are you handling records which are eligible for an update.
    I have read that it is very costly, in terms of CPU, to insert and update.
    And in my use case, most of the times we'll be continuously ( or an interval of 5 min) replicating the data.
    I am concerned about this because initially I've budget to use 1 master dc2.large node and 2 compute dc2.large nodes. And at the same time my dashboard queries and anaylitcs queries will also be running so I need to take care of the cost of insert/ update as well.

    Can you let me know how is it being done ?
    It is batch insert or batch update or how.

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