Creating a new Model

The Models list pane appears on clicking the MODELS link. The pane lists the models in your Hevo account. You can search for a model or create a new model by clicking CREATE MODEL button. Let’s begin by creating a new model.

1. Select Destination

Select an existing Destination from the list or click on NEW DESTINATION to create a new one. Check out Destinations to know about instructions on adding a Destination.

The model will be created in DRAFT state and you will be taken to Query Builder page after this step.

2. Write Query

You can write and test your Query on this page. You can also browse your Destination’s Schema from the left pane. Write the Query in the right pane and click on RUN QUERY to test and check the result.
To change the Model name, you can select the Edit (pencil) icon in the top left corner.

Click on NEXT once you are done writing your Query.

3. Define the output location to export the result of the query

You will need to define the output destination(if supported), table and columns to export the result set of the Model on this page. You can see Query preview and Sample Output in the left pane. Please make sure that you select output columns in the same order as your query is returning the data.

You can optionally select Truncate and Load, this will truncate the output table before entering the query output on every model run.

Click on CREATE MODEL once you are done.

4. Define Schedule for Model

After completing the Model, you will be required to set a Schedule for the model. Check out Scheduling a Model to know about various modes of Model Scheduling.

Click on SCHEDULE and you are done.