Introduction to Models

A data warehouse must store your data in a form suitable for analysis and decision making. Creating Models helps you organize data present in your data warehouse. For example, you have a record of attendance of all students in a university and you want to notify students with a shortage of attendance. You can create a model that holds students with a shortage of attendance with the help of queries.

Hevo provides an interface that let you use standard SQL to create (and refresh) Models at specified frequencies or a schedule. Let’s understand how to use Models.

You can navigate to Models section by clicking MODELS link on the left navigation bar.

View Model Details

A list of existing models is shown in the pane that appears on clicking MODELS link on the left navigation bar. Click on a model to show details of the same.

The Model details page will show you the following details in the header section at the top of the page:

  • Name of the Model
  • Current status of the Model
  • The source destination and output destination(if any) with which the Model is associated
  • The last run time of the Model
  • The frequency at which the Model is refreshed

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