Scheduling a Model

After creating the Model, you will be asked to define a schedule for the Model. There are 3 ways you can schedule a model:

  • Running on a frequency: You can use this to schedule model on a fixed frequency. You can set Model to run every X minutes or every X hours.
  • Running at an exact time: This option will allow you to define a specific time for the Model run. You have 2 options in this:
    • Daily: This will ensure that Model runs daily at the specified time.
    • Weekly: You can select weekdays on which you want to run your model at the specified time.
  • Run on Load of a destination table: You can schedule a model to run when a particular table in a destination is loaded with data. Since loads can be very frequent, the model will run at most once per hour.

To change the schedule for an existing Model, select CHANGE button on the top right corner of the Model page.