An Event in Hevo is any fundamental unit of data which can be migrated from a Source system to a Destination database or data warehouse. For example, each row from your MySQL Source is replicated as one Event into your Amazon Redshift data warehouse. Some other examples of Events include:

  • A record in an RDBMS such as MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • A document in NoSQL databases such as MongoDB
  • A dictionary object in the JSON array in a Webhook data push

Fetching of Events from the Source is also called ingestion in Hevo, while replication of Events into the Destination is referred to as loading of Events. Only the Events that are loaded to the Destination count towards your quota consumption. Hevo provides a grace quota of 10%, beyond which, the Events start getting sidelined and the Pipelines stop loading data till the quota refreshes or is increased. You can increase the quota either by Purchasing On-Demand Events or upgrading your pricing plan.

Last updated on 30 Dec 2021