Ingestion Limits for Events

Hevo restricts the number of Events that can be ingested from a Source in a given timeframe. Limits are placed primarily to protect you from ingesting a large number of Events unknowingly, usually due to bad configuration. Limits allow you the opportunity to fix your Pipeline configuration without over-subscribing your Events quota.

Whenever the number of Events exceeds the designated limit, ingestion is stalled for the remaining duration of the time window. Post this, the ingestion resumes normally. The limits on ingestion are defined in terms of the following parameters:

  • Time window: A fixed time span in which the Events are counted. The time window is typically 30 minutes long.

  • Total limit: The maximum number of Events, which, if ingested, lead to temporary stalling of further ingestion in the given time window. The limit is applied to the account across all the Pipelines.

In case you see a need to temporarily increase the ingestion rate limits for your Pipelines, contact Hevo Support.

Last updated on 17 Sep 2021