How do I disable Auto Mapping for my Pipeline?

You can disable Auto Mapping for specific Event Types or the entire Pipeline for your Source.

Read Auto Mapping Event Types to know more about the impact of disabling Auto Mapping for your Pipeline.

Perform the following steps to disable Auto Mapping:

  1. Click Pipelines in the Asset Palette and select the Pipeline for which you want to enable or disable Auto Mapping.


  2. Click Schema Mapper to view all the Events in your Pipeline.

    Schema Mapper

  3. In the Schema Mapper page, do one of the following:

    • Disable Auto Mapping for the Pipeline. Click the toggle button next to Auto Mapping to disable Auto Mapping. Default setting: Enabled.

      Pipeline Auto Mapping

    • Disable Auto Mapping for specific Event Types. Click the More (menu icon) and disable the toggle button next to Auto Mapping.

      Event Types

  4. Optionally, select the check box next to the appropriate reason.

    Disable Auto Mapping Alert


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