Quick Search

As the application data grows, finding your way through elements can become tedious. At Hevodata, we try to keep the navigation simple and intuitive as possible. Hevo helps you navigate and search pipelines, models, workflows, and destinations quickly. Let’s see how it’s done.

Open Quick Search Dialog

You can access the quick search dialog from any page inside Hevodata using one of the following ways.

  • Click Search in Anything button on the bottom left of the screen.
  • or You can use the keyboard shortcut (cmd + J) for MacOS and (ctrl + J) for other platforms.

You will see a dialog with the list of available pipelines, models, workflows, and destinations.

quick search

How to search

  • Pipelines - Search by source name, destination name, source type or destination type.
  • Models - Search by model name, destination name or destination type.
  • Workflows - Search by workflow name.
  • Destinations - Search by destination name or destination type.

You can select a particular element using a mouse or navigate using Tab or Up / Down arrow keys and pressing Enter.