Release Version 1.76 (Nov-22-2021)

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • Intercom as a Target

    • Provided integration with Intercom as a Target for creating Activations.

      Intercom as a Target

      Read Intercom.


  • On-Demand Schema Refresh

    • Provided the feature to do an on-demand refresh of the Destination schema in the EXPORT QUERY OUTPUT pop-up dialog.

      Models Refresh Frequency Icon

      Read Models.


  • On-Demand Schema Refresh

    • Provided the feature to do an on-demand refresh of the Destination schema in the Schema Mapper page.

      Schema Refresh Icon

      Read Schema Mapper.

User Experience

  • Smart Assist

    • Implemented a mechanism to proactively inform you of any error or condition that could affect the data ingestion in your Pipelines, along with ways to resolve it and links to the supporting documentation. The errors could arise due to limitations imposed by the Source or the way the Pipeline is configured, and may affect the whole Pipeline or individual Source Event Types.

      The Smart Assist widget is displayed in the form of a banner at the top in your Hevo user interface.

      Smart Assist

      Currently, this feature is enabled for the Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, and Salesforce Sources.

      Read Smart Assist.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Optimized Schema Refresh

    • Cost-optimized the schema refresh in Snowflake and Google BigQuery Destinations by reducing the default refresh frequency.

User Experience

  • Target Object-driven Display of Available Synchronization Behaviors

    • Enhanced the Field Mapping user interface to enable only those synchronization behaviors that are supported for the selected Target Object while creating an Activation. Behaviors not supported for the selected Target Object are disabled.

      Available Sync Behaviors

      Read Map Warehouse fields to Target fields.

  • Enhanced Schema Mapper User Interface

    • Fixed the fluctuating width of the Destination table selection drop-down to make the user interface more consistent. Also, added the tooltip feature to display the complete table name if it surpasses the width of the drop-down.

      Schema Mapper Destination Selection Drop-Down

      Read Schema Mapper.

Documentation Updates

The following pages have been created, enhanced, or removed in Release 1.76:





Last updated on 22 Nov 2021