API Quota Exhausted

Applies To Salesforce.
Error Message Text(s) Your salesforce instance’s API quota for the last 24 hours has been exhausted.

Potential Causes

You have ingested more than 15000 batches within the last 24 hours.

Salesforce allows ingestion of objects in the form of batches. For objects being ingested using the Bulk API, Hevo triggers the API for Salesforce to make batches based on the number of Events in each Source object. Salesforce makes these batches based on the number of Events in the object.

Read Salesforce Developer Limits and Allocations.

The batch limit may be reached due to any of the following reasons :

  • Other Salesforce users from your organization are using the Bulk API at the same time as Hevo.

  • The number of Objects being ingested in Hevo is too high.

  • The ingestion frequency of Salesforce Objects is too high.

Suggested Actions

  • Select a limited number of Source Objects: Reducing the number of Objects reduces the number of batches created.

  • Change the Pipeline ingestion frequency in Salesforce: Decreasing the frequency reduces the number of batches created within a 24-hour interval.

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