UI Elements and Terms

List of UI Icons

The following table lists the icons used in the Hevo interface and what these stand for.

Icon Description
Alerts Alerts
Billing Billing
Billing Plan Billing Plan
Dark Mode View Dark Mode View
Destination Destination
Filter Filter
Information Information
Jobs Jobs
Load Status Load Status
Models Model
More More
Overview Overview
Pipeline Pipeline
Preferences Preferences
Query History Query History
Refresh Refresh
Replay Queue Replay Queue
Reset Reset
Run Now Run Now
Sample Event Sample Event
Schema Mapper Schema Mapper
Search Search
Source query Source Query
Support Support
Table Table
Team Team
Transformations Transformation
User User
Workflow Workflow

List of UI Terms

UI Term Definition
Drop-down List A menu or list of options that appears on screen for an item when you click it. The Hevo interface uses two types of drop-downs:
- Simple. These display a static list of options.
- Search enabled. These are also called Auto-complete drop-downs, where results are dynamically updated as you enter the search string.
Label Highlighted text that indicates a status. For example, FAILED or LEGACY.
Snack-bar Snack-bar is a UI element used to convey additional information, and may or may not contain a call to action. For example, an announcement about new updates in Hevo, that appears on the very top of the Hevo interface.
Tooltip Text that explains a field or image and is displayed when you hover the mouse over the item.