Time-based Events Buffer

Last updated on Jan 10, 2024
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Time-based Events buffer is not available with the Hevo SaaS offering on AWS Marketplace.

Hevo provides you a time-based Events buffer to handle situations where your Events usage exceeds the sum of the Events quota as per your plan and any On-Demand Credit that you may have procured. In the time-based buffer, Hevo provides you a grace period to either arrange for more Events or upgrade your plan, while allowing your Pipelines to run without disruption.

The grace period is decided based on the time at which your available Events are exhausted, as follows:

  • If the available Events get exhausted on a weekday, Hevo provides you a 24 Hour grace period.

  • If the available Events get exhausted on a weekend (Friday, 4 PM to Monday, 10 AM local time), the grace period is extended till Monday, 4 PM so that there is no disruption in the Pipelines over the weekend.

If you do not take any action to procure additional Events by the time the grace period ends, all active Pipelines are paused till your Events quota resets in the next month.

All pricing plans are configured to use time-based Events buffer by default. However, the buffer is not available to users on Overages (legacy pricing) plan.

Note: The Events consumed during the grace period are charged as per your subscription.

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