Release Version 1.83

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • Custom Scheduling of Data Load

    • Provided the functionality to create a custom schedule for loading data to your Destination, for all Destinations that support custom data loading.

      Read Creating a Custom Data Loading Schedule.

User Experience

  • Segregated Display of Target Object Fields in Activate

Fixes and Improvements


  • Capture Deletes in Salesforce Objects

    • Enhanced the integration to support replication of deleted records of replicable objects for Pipelines that use REST APIs to ingest data. This change applies to new Pipelines. To avail this feature in your existing Pipelines, contact Hevo Support.

      Read Source Considerations.

  • Improved Data Querying in Amplitude Analytics

    • Enhanced the data querying process by automatically increasing or decreasing the time duration to query the data based on the file size of the zipped folder fetched from Amplitude Analytics.

      Read Data Replication.

  • Pipeline Frequency Adjustments in AppsFlyer

    • Increased the minimum and default Pipeline frequencies to prevent objects from failing during ingestion due to strict API rate limits, to handle Event build-up due to scenarios like pausing of Pipelines by users.

      Read Data Replication.

  • Quicker Access to Historical Data for Salesforce and Shopify

    • Implemented historical load parallelization for new Pipelines. Hevo now divides the historical data into multiple parts, and then ingests these parts simultaneously. This enables you to have quicker access to your historical data.

      The number of parts that the historical data is divided into depends on the following:

      • Concurrent API request limits and Total API request limits imposed by the Source API.

      • Resource constraints of the system: Dividing the data into too many parts can slow down the ingestion process.

      Hevo divides the historical data keeping the above mentioned factors in mind.

  • Quicker Access to the Latest Data for Stripe

    • Implemented reverse historical load for all existing and new Pipelines. Hevo now ingests data starting from the latest to the earliest Event. This provides you quicker access to the most recent data when running a historical load. Any historical load that is ongoing during the feature deployment will be restarted to ingest data according to the new order.

      Read Stripe.

  • Simplified Account Authorization in YouTube Analytics

    • Modified the integration to not request for the permissions for viewing content owner account details from YouTube while setting up YouTube Analytics as a Source.

      Read YouTube Analytics.

Documentation Updates

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