Release Version 1.68 (Jul-26-2021)

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023

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In this Release

New and Changed Features



  • Fully-managed Google BigQuery Warehouse

    • Augmented the list of Sources for which Hevo offers a fully-managed Google BigQuery Warehouse if users do not have a Destination set up yet or do not have a BigQuery Destination.

      Read Managed Google BigQuery.

  • Ingestion of additional reports in Taboola

    • Added support for three more reports to be ingested from the Taboola Source along with other minor refinements.

      Read Taboola.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Facebook Ads - Flattened JSON field metrics in parent objects

    • Enhanced the Facebook Ads integration to flatten the metrics data into the parent objects to allow users to get all the data in one single table on a daily breakdown, thereby eliminating the need to run Join queries on different tables.

      Read Facebook Ads.

    • Provided a list of Facebook fields and their descriptions for easy reference.

      Read Facebook Fields and Dimensions.

  • Criteo - Enhanced schema

    • Updated the Criteo schema and data model to include new objects and remove the ones deprecated by Criteo.

    • Provided additional filters to facilitate inclusion of the Adset Transaction Report object.

      Read Criteo.

User Experience

  • Validation of JDBC Source and Destination schema names

    • Added a check to ensure only single schema names are entered while configuring JDBC Sources and Destinations (including Snowflake), with the exception of Oracle Redo Log Pipelines, to enable a smoother Pipeline creation experience.
  • Validation of database hostname format in JDBC Sources

    • Added a check to ensure the database hostname is entered in the correct format, in order to avoid any issues during Pipeline creation.

Documentation Updates

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