Error 1017 - Connection settings errors

Last updated on Jan 04, 2024
Error Code 1017
Error Message Text(s) - Connection to database host failed. Check the database host and port information and ensure that the database host is accessible over the internet. If applicable, whitelist Hevo’s IP addresses.

- {hostname} does not seems to be a valid host.

Potential Causes

  • The database connection details are incorrect.

  • Hevo’s IP addresses are not whitelisted.

  • The database user authorizing the connection does not have sufficient permissions to access the database.

Suggested Actions

  • Verify that the Database Host and or Database Port entered in the Configure your Source page are correct.

  • Verify that Hevo’s IP addresses for your region are whitelisted. Refer to the content for your PostgreSQL variant for steps to do this.

  • Check that the Security Group and VPC subnet associated with the database allows access from all Hevo’s IP addresses for Amazon RDS databases.

  • Invite another team member with the required privileges to set up the Pipeline. Read Inviting and Moderating Team Members.

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