Release Version 1.86

Last updated on Apr 23, 2024

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In this Release

New and Changed Features

Account Management

  • On-Demand Credit

    • Hevo now enables all paid users to maintain a credit balance of Events using the On-Demand Credit feature. Maintaining an On-Demand Credit limit allows your Pipelines to switch to using the credit Events when all your base Events and any On-Demand Events that you have purchased are exhausted.

      Set On-Demand Credit banner

      Read Setting Up On-Demand Credit.


  • Enhanced Support During Events Quota Exhaustion

  • Optimizing Data Loading Costs

    • Provided the option in the Pipeline Overview page to allow you to avoid deduplication of tables when not needed and save on Destination costs.

      Recommended Destination Settings


  • Capturing Deletes in Stripe Objects

    • Enhanced the integration to support the replication of deleted records in certain Stripe objects. This feature is provided for new and existing Pipelines; however, for existing Pipelines, records deleted in the Stripe objects before Release 1.86 are not replicated.

      Note: This feature is currently available on request only. You need to contact Hevo Support to enable it for your team.

      Read Data Replication and Source Considerations.

  • Enhanced Security with OAuth 2.0 for REST API Sources

    • Implemented OAuth 2.0 protocol for account authorization for REST API Sources. This feature applies only to new Pipelines.

      Note: This feature is currently available on request only. You need to contact Hevo Support to enable it for your team.

  • Support for Ingesting Tables Renamed in the MySQL Source

    • Upgraded the JSQL parser from v4.1 to v4.2 to provide support for the RENAME table command. This allows Hevo to correctly map data from tables renamed in the Source for Pipelines created in BinLog mode.
  • Support for TSV File Format

User Experience

  • Improved Report Data Representation in Xero

    • Implemented the feature to convert the nested JSON strings data of the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss report to a tabular format for better readability. To use this tabular format, contact Hevo Support.

      Read Data Model.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Resolved Destination Connection Failure

    • Fixed the issue whereby the connection to a Destination that requires a database user and password to connect failed when the existing configuration was modified.


  • Handling Data Load Failures due to Pre-existing __hevo_id Field in Google Drive Data

    • Fixed the ingestion process to rename any existing column with the name, __hevo_id in the Source file using appropriate suffixes. Hevo adds the __hevo_id column as a primary key for keeping track of offsets during the ingestion process. Therefore, any existing columns with that name are renamed. Other duplicate column headers are also similarly renamed.

      Read Treatment of Duplicate Column Headers.

  • Improved Support for Campaign Report in Apple Search Ads

    • Enhanced the integration to include the country_or_region field in the Campaign Report object. This allows Hevo to handle discrepancies in the Campaign Report data at the Source and Destination.

      Read Data Model and Schema and Primary Keys.

  • Quicker Access to Historical Data for Stripe, MS SQL, MongoDB, and Facebook Ads

    • Implemented historical load parallelization for new Pipelines. Hevo now divides the historical data into multiple parts and then ingests these parts simultaneously. This enables you to have quicker access to your historical data.

      The number of parts is decided based on the Source API limits and the resource constraints of the system.

  • Reduced Quota Consumption for Instagram Business, Jira, and Shopify

    • Optimized the quota consumption for Pipelines created with the Instagram Business, Jira, or Shopify Source by loading only new and changed data in case of Full Load objects. This feature is available for both new and existing Pipelines.

      Read Instagram Business, Jira, and Shopify.

User Experience

  • Improved Pipeline Setup for JDBC Sources

    • Enhanced the user interface to select the Ingestion Mode in the Connection Settings page while creating a Pipeline for JDBC Sources such as Amazon Redshift, MySQL, and MongoDB.

      Read your respective Database Source page for the steps to set up a Pipeline.

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Data Loading

Hevo API


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