Google Sheets

Hevo can replicate your Google Sheets’ data to your data warehouse using Google’s Sheets API.

Connection settings

You will need to configure some basic settings like:

  • Pipeline Name - A unique name for your Google Sheets Source.
  • Select the spreadsheets whose data you wish to replicate.

Product Behaviour

  • Values in the first row of the sheet are treated as field headers. These headers need to be unique. If a header is missing, then the column name is used as the header.
  • Renaming your sheet will not cause your pipeline to break.
  • Deleted rows are represented by a __hevo_marked_deleted field in your destination table.
  • Row number is used as a primary key which is represented by a field called __hevo_id in your destination table.
  • Cells containing formulas or scientific numbers are loaded as their calculated value.
    Example: 6.16E+12 is loaded as 6160000000000
  • Search option while selecting your sheets only works on prefixes.
  • Supports only Google sheets. For excel files, please check out the Drive connector.
Last updated on 03 Jul 2020