Last updated on Jun 01, 2023

AppsFlyer is a mobile-app tracking and attribution analytics platform that helps app developers and marketers to manage, measure, and optimize their mobile user acquisition process.

Hevo uses AppsFlyer’s PULL API to replicate the raw and aggregated app performance reports from your AppsFlyer account to the Destination system. The user needs to provide the AppsFlyer API Token to connect Hevo to the AppsFlyer account.


  • Hevo does not support raw reports of Ad revenue and Retargeting fetched from AppsFlyer.

Revision History

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Date Release Description of Change
Jan-10-2023 2.05 Updated section, Data Replication to mention about custom ingestion frequency.
Dec-07-2022 NA Updated section, Data Replication to reorganize the content for better understanding and coherence.
Mar-17-2022 NA Removed the Pipeline frequency table from the Data Replication section as you cannot configure the Pipeline frequency from the UI.
Mar-07-2022 NA - Updated the steps under the Locating the App ID and the API Token section, to reflect the latest AppsFlyer UI.
- Updated the Pipeline Frequency table and added information about historical data in the Data Replication section.
Oct-25-2021 NA Added the Pipeline frequency information in the Data Replication section.

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