Flatten JSON

Last updated on May 30, 2023
Description: Iterates through all the properties of a JSON object and converts them into top level properties of the Event. Properties of nested json objects are also converted to top level properties.
Available Filters: Event Filters:
- Event Type
- Event Field

Field Filters:
- Field Name
- Field Value
Settings: None.
Transformation Considerations: The fields must be in valid JSON format, else an error is displayed.

Sample Transformation 1

Scenario: Separate the nested JSON fields of the JSON object, category, for all Events of the catalog.book Event Type.


  • Event Type = catalog.book
  • Fields = All fields with name = category


Flatten JSON settings

Result: When you test the Transformation, each property of the category object is created as a property of the catalog.book Event.

Flatten JSON

Sample Transformation 2

Senario: Flatten the properties of the address JSON object and all nested objects within it, and convert these to top level Event properties.

Event Type = Employee
Fields = All fields with name = address


Flatten nested JSON-settings

Result: When you test the Transformation, each field of the address object is created as a property of the Employee Event.

Flatten nested JSON

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