Deferred Data Ingestion

Last updated on May 30, 2023

If the Source does not contain any new Event to be ingested, Hevo defers the data ingestion for a pre-determined time and re-attempts to fetch the data only after the deferment period elapses.

Hevo uses the ingestion results as feedback to decide the deferment period:

  1. If no Events are fetched from the Source during the first attempt, Hevo defers the data ingestion for a short duration of time. For example, five minutes. This time is referred to as the deferment period.
    Note: Hevo automatically assigns a value for the deferment period.

  2. Once the initial deferment period has elapsed, Hevo re-attempts to fetch the Events from the Source.

  3. If no Events are fetched in the subsequent attempt, Hevo increases the deferment period. For example, 10 minutes.

  4. Each time data ingestion gets deferred, the deferment period increases.
    Note: The maximum deferment period allowed for data ingestion is six hours. Therefore, the deferment period is not applicable if the data ingestion frequency is more than six hours.

  5. If Hevo fetches any Event(s) in any subsequent attempt, the deferment period is reset to zero.

The following Sources support deferment of data ingestion:

You can request Hevo to never defer ingesting data from a Source. Contact Hevo Support for more details.

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