Hevo Activate

Last updated on Jan 15, 2024

Activate is currently available on the Hevo user interface only for users who have existing Activations. Further, effective July 18, 2023, Activate is available only for the HubSpot and Salesforce Targets. For more information, please contact Hevo Support or your account executive.

Hevo Activate is a data automation platform that enables you to load raw data from your data warehouse to your Target CRM application. This may include data loaded from Sources such as SaaS-based applications, databases, and webhooks. With Hevo Activate, you can build powerful SQL queries to get a unified view of this disparate data, which can then be transformed for use by your CRM application.

Key Features

The following are some integral features that make up Hevo Activate:

SQL Query Editor

The powerful and smart SQL Query Editor enables you to retrieve and transform data from your data warehouse table and load it to a Target object. Its in-built checks ensure that each query you save is valid.

Visual Schema Mapper

The intuitive UI-based schema mapping makes it easy for you to map the fields across tables and objects. It also warns you of any incompatible mappings you select.

Custom Data Synchronization

Activate allows you to select from a variety of frequencies to schedule an Activation or to run it in real time. You can either deduplicate the data or directly load it to the Target object.

Incremental Updates

After the initial loading of the SQL query output to the Target object, Activate loads only changed and new records to it. This ensures faster and more efficient sync operations.

Bulk APIs

Hevo Activate uses Bulk APIs to sync your data. These APIs are optimized to fetch only incremental data and data that has changed since the last sync.

Data Recovery

If an Activation halts due to loss of connectivity with the Target environment or any other reason, you are immediately notified as per your alert settings. Once the connection is re-established, Activate resumes the data synchronization, so you do not lose any data.

Revision History

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May-19-2021 1.63 Updated the content to mention that Hevo now supports Snowflake as a Warehouse for creating Activations.

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