Hevo Activate

Hevo Activate is a data automation platform that enables you to sync raw data residing in your Amazon Redshift data warehouse with your Salesforce database. The data warehouse tables may hold data loaded from different Sources, for instance, SaaS applications, such as, Facebook and LinkedIn, or JDBC Sources, such as, MySQL, and webhook Sources, such as, SendGrid. With Hevo Activate, you can build powerful SQL queries to get a unified view of this disparate data and transform it for use by your CRM application.

Currently, you can use Activate to transform and move data from an Amazon Redshift Destination data warehouse to a Salesforce database, called the Target.

Key Features of Hevo Activate

The following are some integral features of Activate:

SQL Query Editor

Use the powerful SQL Query Editor to filter and transform data from your Amazon Redshift table to a Salesforce object. The in-built validation checks ensure each query is validated before you save it.

Visual Schema Mapper

Use the intuitive UI-based schema mapping options to map fields across tables and objects. The mapping feature also warns you of any incompatible mappings you select.

Custom Data Synchronization

Select from a variety of frequencies to schedule an Activation or perform it in real-time. Activate also offers you the flexibility to deduplicate the data or directly load it to the Salesforce object.

Incremental Updates

Subsequent to the initial loading of the output of your SQL queries, Activate uploads only changed and new Events, to ensure faster and more efficient sync operations.

Bulk APIs

Hevo Activate uses Bulk APIs, and these are optimized to fetch only incremental data, or data that has changed since the last sync.

Intelligent Data Type Conversion

Hevo Activate automatically converts field types of the synced data during the mapping action. Both Auto-Mapping and Manual Mapping provide you with valid data types to select from.

Data Recovery

In case of any disruption in the Activation, due to loss of connectivity to the Salesforce environment or any other reason, you are immediately notified as per your communication settings. Once the connection is re-established, Hevo automatically resumes the data sync, so you do not lose any data.

Last updated on 02 Dec 2020