Release Version 2.15 (with breaking changes)

Last updated on Jan 03, 2024

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In this Release

Upcoming Breaking Changes


  • Removing Support for Calendar Events in HubSpot  Breaking change

    • Effective August 31, 2023, HubSpot will stop supporting the Calendar Events object. As a result, Hevo will stop replicating data for the same.
  • Support for Version 1.3 in TikTok Ads  Breaking change

    • Effective August 15, 2023, TikTok Ads will deprecate API v1.2 and support only v1.3 of the API. Hence, your Pipelines will not replicate data for the v1.2 objects.

      In the API v1.3, the names and data types of some of the fields for the objects and reports have been changed. As a result, starting Release 2.15.2, Hevo will create tables for both v1.2 and v1.3 objects and reports in your Destination. The v1.3 objects will be identified by the suffix _v2. If you want tables from API v1.3 only, you can create a new Pipeline or skip the v1.2 objects from the Pipeline Overview page.

      For all Pipelines created after Release 2.15.2, Hevo will ingest only the v1.3 objects and reports; they will still be suffixed with _v2.

New and Changed Features


  • Limited Availability of Hevo Activate Targets  Breaking change

    • Following our earlier communication, from July 18, 2023, Hevo has limited the number of Activate Targets it supports. As an existing customer, you can now create Activations only for HubSpot and Salesforce Targets. All the other Targets have been deprecated and any associated Activations have been deleted.

      Activate is not available for new customers.


  • Amazon Ads as a Source

    • Integrated Amazon Ads, an advertising platform for Amazon sellers, vendors, and others, as a Source in Hevo.

      To use this integration, you must authorize Hevo to access the Amazon Ads account from where you want to ingest the data.

      Amazon Ads Source

      Read Amazon Ads.

  • API Version Selection in HubSpot

    • Provided the flexibility to choose between the v3 API and legacy API (v1 and v2) for ingesting the supported objects. This option is available for all Pipelines created after Release 2.15. If you have existing Pipelines and want to choose the API version, you must create a new Pipeline.

      Configure your HubSpot Source

      Read Configuring HubSpot as a Source and Data Model.

  • Support for the Past Activities Object in Salesloft

    • Added support for ingesting data from Past Activities. This object contains details of all the previous interactions, such as calls, emails, and messages between a user and a prospect. This feature is applicable to all new Pipelines.

User Experience

  • Removed Support for Xero as a Source

    • From Release Version 2.15, Hevo has stopped supporting Xero as a Source. As a result, you will not be able to create Pipelines for this Source. However, any existing Pipelines will continue to ingest data.

Fixes and Improvements


Documentation Updates

The following pages have been created, enhanced, or removed in Release 2.15:

Data Ingestion


Events Usage


  • General FAQs

    • Can Hevo be used as an iPaaS? (Deleted)

    • Can I Host Hevo in my own VPC? (Deleted)


  • Pipeline FAQs

    • Can I delete the skipped objects in a Pipeline so they don’t appear in the UI? (Deleted)

    • Does creation of Pipeline incur cost? (Deleted)

    • How can I load only filtered Events from the Source to the Destination? (Deleted)

    • How do I restart the historical load for all the objects at once? (Deleted)

    • Why are my new Pipelines in trial? (Deleted)

  • Prioritizing a Pipeline

  • Python Code-Based Transformations


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