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Hevo supports the following variations of Oracle as a Source:

Refer to the required Oracle variant for the steps to configure it as a Source in your Hevo Pipeline and start ingesting data.

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Nov-03-2023 NA Removed section, Objects and Query Mode.
Aug-24-2022 1.96 Updated section, Limitations to remove limitation regarding Hevo not supporting RedoLog Ingestion mode for Oracle Database 19c or higher.
Apr-21-2022 1.86 - Updated sections, Specify Oracle Connection Settings and Objects and Query Mode.
- Removed section, Select the Pipeline Mode.
Dec-06-2021 1.77 Added a See Also link to the Pipeline failure due to Redo Log expiry page.
Nov-26-2021 NA Added section, Limitations
Jul-26-2021 1.68 Added a note for the Database Host field.
Jul-12-2021 1.67 Added the field Include New Tables in the Pipeline under Source configuration settings.

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