Release Version 2.07

Last updated on Jan 09, 2024

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • Buildkite as a Source

    • Integrated Buildkite, a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that helps software teams automate the process of building, testing, and deploying their code.

      To use this integration, you must obtain the API credentials from the Buildkite account where your data resides. The API credentials are used by Hevo for authentication.

      Buildkite as a Source

      Read Buildkite.

  • Faster Historical Data Ingestion from Amazon DynamoDB

    • Enhanced the data ingestion for Amazon DynamoDB to support historical load parallelization by default. If the number of historical Events exceed 10 Million, Hevo divides the data into multiple parts, and then ingests these parts simultaneously. This reduces the time taken for ingesting large amounts of data. This feature is applicable to all new Pipelines.
  • Freshservice as a Source

    • Integrated Freshservice, is a cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) software that helps organizations manage their IT infrastructure and assets.

      To use this integration, you must obtain the API key from the Freshservice account from where your data resides. The API key is used by Hevo for authentication.

      Freshservice as a Source

      Read Freshservice.

  • GitLab as a Source

    • Integrated GitLab, a web-based DevOps platform, as a Source for creating Pipelines.

      To use this integration, you must generate the access token in the GitLab account from where you want to ingest the data. You must specify this token while configuring the Source, to authenticate Hevo for accessing your data.

      Gitlab as a Source

      Read GitLab.

  • Support for the List and List Membership Objects in Marketo

    • Added support for ingesting data from the List and List Membership objects. This feature is applicable to all new Pipelines.

      Read Data Model and Schema and Primary Keys.

  • XMIN-based Replication for PostgreSQL Sources

    • Enhanced the PostgreSQL integration to select XMIN as the default query mode for Pipelines created using the Table ingestion mode. This allows you to ingest only new and updated data from the selected objects in subsequent Pipeline runs, thereby reducing the Events quota consumption and cost.

      Query-mode selection

      Read PostgreSQL.

User Experience

  • Easier Access to Pipeline Usage Summary Reports

    • Provided the Pipeline Usage Summary icon on the Pipeline Overview page to help users easily access the Pipeline usage data.

      Pipeline Usage summary icon

      Read Pipeline Usage Summary.

Fixes and Improvements


Documentation Updates

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