Values for columns in table "table_name" are incompatible

Last updated on Feb 19, 2024
Applies To PostgreSQL Source (all variants) Pipelines
Error Message Text(s) Values for columns in table: <table_name> are incompatible [ERROR: column “type” is of type venue_link_type but expression is of type character varying Hint: You will need to rewrite or cast the expression. Position: 214 Call getNextException to see other errors in the batch.] Please update the values via transformations or update the data type of the destination column.

Error Summary

An error is encountered in the PostgreSQL Destination as the data type of the incoming data is different from that of the Destination table column.

Potential Causes

  • The data type of the PostgreSQL Destination table column is specified as enum. However, Hevo does not support this data type and is loading the data as string, or varchar type.

Suggested Action(s)

To load the string, or varchar data as enum data in your Destination, do the following:

  1. Define a default cast using the CAST function to convert any data being received for that Destination column to the enum data type.

  2. Disable Auto Mapping for that table in Hevo, using the Schema Mapper, and manually map the Source field to this column.

The Schema Mapper continues to show the data type of the Source and Destination columns as string or varchar. This is because Hevo ingests the data and loads it to its staging area in string (or varchar) format. However, when the data is being loaded to your Destination table, the CAST function at the Destination stores the data in enum format. Similarly, Hevo continues to read the data in its original format for deduplication during future runs of the Pipeline, and the CAST function maintains it in the enum format in your Destination.

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