Release Version 1.82

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • Custom Scheduling of Data Ingestion

    • Provided the functionality to create a custom ingestion schedule for existing and new Pipelines, as regular time intervals or specific hours in the day, for all Sources that support custom ingestion.

      Read Creating a Custom Ingestion Schedule.


  • Enhanced Historical Data Ingestion for Mailchimp

    • Added support for reverse historical load and provided the option to change the default Historical Sync Duration while creating the Pipeline. These changes allow you to have faster access to the latest historical data you require post-Pipeline creation.

      Historical Sync Duration for Mailchimp.

      Read Mailchimp.

    • Provided support for Google Ads that uses the new Google Ads API as a distinct Source. You can use the same Google Ads account using OAuth to access the Google Ads API. The existing Google AdWords Source will be supported till the Google AdWords API is sunset on April 27, 2022.
      The new Google Ads API brings the following changes:

      • Additional Reports: You can access additional reports such as Campaign report and Campaign Budget report. For more information see here.

      • Attributed Resources: You can now ingest data in for custom reports from attributed resources of the parent report.

      • Similarity to reports in the Google Ads UI: The API now offers metrics and resources that are directly relatable to what is seen on the Google Ads UI. This allows you to understand your data better. For more information, see here.

      • Core Objects: Metadata objects such as campaign and ad_group_ad are no longer supported.



  • Enhanced connection settings for Amazon Aurora MySQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL

User Experience

Fixes and Improvements


  • Handling Data with Higher Precision and Scale in Snowflake Destinations


  • Bulk Options for Resolving Failed Events

    • Enhanced the data replication process by introducing options to skip and replay failed Events of multiple objects in the Pipeline at once.

      Bulk Options for failed Events

      Read Manually Resolving Event Failures.


  • Handling Data Load Failures due to Pre-existing __hevo_id Field in Google Sheets Data

    • Fixed the ingestion process to rename any existing column with the name, __hevo_id in the Source sheet by suffixing the Sheet column number in lowercase to the name. For example, a __hevo_id header in column B of the sheet is renamed to __hevo_id_b. Hevo adds the __hevo_id column as a primary key for keeping track of offsets during the ingestion process. Therefore, any existing columns with that name are renamed. Other duplicate column headers are also similarly renamed.

      Read Treatment of Duplicate Column Headers.

  • Improved REST API Utilization

    • Removed the mechanism of automatically testing the REST API connection every 10 minutes, thus saving on the API call quota. You can continue to check the connection as per your requirement by using the TEST CONNECTION option.
  • Quicker Access to Historical Data for Google Analytics

    • Implemented historical load parallelization for new Pipelines. Hevo now divides the historical data into multiple parts and then ingests them simultaneously. This provides you quicker access to your historical data.

Documentation Updates

The following pages have been created, enhanced, or removed in Release 1.82:

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