Scheduling a Pipeline

A Pipeline in Hevo may run multiple ingestion jobs to fetch data from your source. All these jobs run as per a schedule defined for them. The schedule is displayed on the top left corner of the Pipeline below the Pipeline Source details.

The schedule can be changed from the Pipeline actions menu. Please note that not all Pipelines will have this option. It is usually provided when the source is owned by you and not a third party, like all databases. But, this is not a blanket rule and there may be exceptions to it.

Other than the scheduled ingestion runs, the ingestion jobs may be triggered to run explicitly via the Run now option. To run the ingestion jobs for the entire pipeline, click the Run now icon in the actions menu next to the Pipeline status. To run the ingestion job for a particular job, click the Run now icon item from the actions menu for each job.

NOTE: the frequency of a Pipeline determines the frequency at which data will be ingested from the Source. It may take slightly longer for the data to be visible in your Destination.

Last updated on 08 Dec 2020