Release Version 2.21

Last updated on Apr 29, 2024

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This release note also includes the fixes provided in all the minor releases since 2.20.

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In this Release

Upcoming Breaking Changes


  • Migration to API Version v2024-02-15 for Klaviyo Source  Breaking change

    • Effective June 30, 2024, Klaviyo’s legacy APIs v1-2 are scheduled to sunset. We will soon be upgrading to the newer API Version v2024-02-15, which contains new and improved capabilities. This enhancement will also include changes in the schema that may impact Pipelines created with this Source.

      Please stay tuned for further communication about the enhancement and its release date.

New and Changed Features

Account Management

  • New Pricing Plan (Added in Release 2.20.1)

    • Introduced the Professional pricing plan, effective February 5, 2024. This plan offers an Events quota of 20 Million, 50 Million, and 100 Million Events, allowing you to choose the configuration that best suits your requirements.

      Read Pricing Plans.


  • Support for Balance Transaction Object in Shopify (Added in Release 2.20.3)

    • Added support for ingesting data for the Balance Transaction object that was earlier ingested as a child object of the Payout object. As a result, it can now be selected or skipped via the Schema Mapper page of your Pipeline. In addition, you can perform the available object actions on it. To view this object in existing Pipelines, contact Hevo Support.

      Read Data Model.

  • Support for Version 012024 of LinkedIn Ads

    • Starting Release 2.21, LinkedIn Ads is deprecating the existing 032023 version of its API. As a result, Hevo will support the 012024 API Version, which contains new and improved capabilities. This API migration may impact your existing Pipelines due to changes in the schema that Hevo replicates with the Destination.

      Read Schema and Primary keys.

User Experience

  • Configurable Ingestion Schedule for Log-based Pipelines

    • Provided an option to specify the ingestion frequency for database Sources with log-based ingestion mode. This feature is available for new and existing Pipelines.

      Change Schedule for Log-based Sources

      Further, you can create your log-based Pipeline as a Streaming Pipeline, in which Hevo ingests data from your Source and loads it to your Destination in near real-time. To avail of this feature, you need to contact the Hevo Sales team.

  • Standard Ingestion Frequencies for Sources

    • For teams created after Release 2.21, Hevo suggests a standard set of frequencies while configuring the Pipeline ingestion schedule, thus simplifying the configuration process. This change applies to all Source types except Amazon DynamoDB, Webhooks, and Kafka variants.

      Standard Ingestion Frequencies

Fixes and Improvements

Refer to this section for the list of fixes and improvements implemented from Release 2.20.1 to 2.21.


  • Handling of Data Loading Issues in Amazon Redshift (Fixed in 2.20.2)

    • Fixed an issue whereby Hevo was not able to load files whose names exceeded the 255-character limit imposed by Amazon Redshift. This led to a data mismatch between the Source and Destination.
  • Handling Data Loading Issues for BigQuery Destinations (Fixed in 2.20.3)

    • Fixed an issue in the pending sink files uploader task, which loads files not picked for processing by the main loader task from the staging location (GCS bucket) to the Destination. If the task failed due to invalid or incorrect credentials for the configured BigQuery Destination, the files were getting stuck in Pending state at the staging location. As a result, Events from these files were not loaded to the Destination tables, leading to a data mismatch between the Source and the Destination.

      Post the fix, in case the task fails for any reason, such as unavailability of the Destination, the Events are sidelined and processed again later.

  • Handling of Sink File Processing Issues

    • Fixed an issue in the copier task, which loads Events in the sink files from the staging location to the Destination. Sink files, created at the staging location, are where Hevo temporarily stores the ingested data. Earlier, if there were unknown errors while processing a sink file, the task kept trying to load the Events instead of sidelining them. As a result, the number of queries that Hevo ran in your Destination during the loading process increased.

      Now, if the copier task fails while processing any sink file, the Events in that file are sidelined after a certain number of processing attempts. By default, this number is set to 10, but you can contact Hevo Support to change it based on your team’s requirements. The fix is available to new and existing teams.


  • Handling of Data Ingestion Issues in Mixpanel (Fixed in 2.20.2)

    • Fixed an issue whereby Hevo was interpreting the text in the ingested data as a delimiter sent by Mixpanel. This was causing Pipelines to get stuck.

      This fix applies to new and existing Pipelines.

  • Handling of Data Mismatch Issues in SurveyMonkey (Fixed in 2.20.1)

    • Fixed an issue whereby Hevo was not fetching matrix questions as part of the Surveys object. This was leading to a data mismatch between the Source and the Destination.
  • Handling of Hevo Metadata Column in MongoDB Sources (Fixed in 2.20.2)

    • Fixed an issue whereby the __hevo_ingested_at metadata column showed timestamp values that were earlier than the actual timestamps at which the records were created at the Source. This was happening because of a flag that set the same __hevo_ingested_at column value for all records ingested in the same poll. The flag is now disabled by default, ensuring that the correct timestamp values are updated in the column.

      This fix applies to Pipelines created with any variant of MongoDB after Release 2.20.2. To enable the fix for existing Pipelines, contact Hevo Support.

  • Support for Tinyint Data Type in SQL Server Sources (Fixed in 2.20.2)

    • Fixed an issue in the SQL Server integration, whereby fields with Tinyint data type were incorrectly parsed as signed values, resulting in data mismatch issues. The Tinyint data type can only represent unsigned (non-negative) values in the range 0 to 255. However, due to Hevo’s default parsing strategy, Source data from Tinyint fields was getting parsed as signed values in the range -128 to +127. As part of this fix, Hevo now detects the Tinyint data type and parses it as an unsigned value.

User Experience

  • 24/7 Online Indicator for Live Chat (Fixed in 2.20.1)

    • Fixed an issue whereby the online indicator for Live Chat turned off at certain times of the week, despite the Support team being online and available 24/7.
  • Faster Signup Flow for New Users (Fixed in 2.20.1)

    • Optimized the internal APIs to make the signup process in Hevo faster and more seamless. This reduces the time required for users to create an account in Hevo.
  • Improved Validations for Workflow Runs (Fixed in 2.20.1)

    • Fixed an issue whereby the Workflow status was marked Running although the run had failed. This issue was observed when an Activation included in the Workflow was in a Paused state and hence, failed to run. As a result, every run of the Workflow failed. Now, the Workflow is marked as Failed if an Activation included in it has not run or has failed.

Documentation Updates

The following pages have been created, enhanced, or removed in Release 2.21:

Getting Started

Data Ingestion




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