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Last updated on Mar 05, 2024

Help Scout is an email-based customer support software that assists small businesses and teams manage their customer relationships. Help Scout is similar to your email with a mailbox at the top of the hierarchy. All customer-related communication is tracked through conversations and threads in the mailbox, eliminating the need to manage ticket numbers and case numbers. In Help Scout, you can create multiple mailboxes for each shared email address. This allows your users across various departments, such as support, marketing, and customer success, to collaborate and manage different products or brands from a single account. Help Scout also provides your users visibility into the emails being responded to in real-time.

You can replicate the data from your HelpScout account to a Destination database or data warehouse using Hevo Pipelines. Refer to the Data Model section for information on the objects that Hevo creates in your Destination.

Source Considerations

  • Help Scout restricts the number of API requests and access to certain API endpoints based on your Help Scout pricing plan. If Hevo exceeds the number of calls allowed by your plan, data ingestion is deferred until the limits are reset (approximately five minutes).

    Refer to the following table for the applicable rate limits:

    Help Scout Pricing Plan Rate Limit
    Standard Up to 200 calls per minute
    Plus Up to 400 calls per minute
    Company Up to 800 calls per minute

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