Release Version 1.71 (Sep-09-2021)

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • Firebolt

    • Provided integration with Firebolt as a data warehouse Destination for creating Pipelines.

      Read Firebolt.


  • Logical Replication Support for Google Cloud PostgreSQL

User Experience

Fixes and Improvements


  • Resolving Pipeline Failure due to Log Expiry

    • Enhanced the FIX NOW option to allow users to skip or restart the historical load for selected objects and start reading from the latest available log files.

      Read MongoDB.


  • Primary Key Name Correction in Facebook Ads Documentation

    • Updated the field names of the primary key for the Ads Insights Platform and Device object in the Data Model section of the page.

      Read Facebook Ads.

  • Additional Objects in the Shopify Data Model

    • Enhanced the Shopify data model to support replication of additional objects.

      Read Shopify App.

Documentation Updates

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User Experience

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