Release Version 1.45 (Jul-02-2020)

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023


  • Provided an option for users to purchase incremental subscriptions to Sources and Models by including Add On bundles in the billing plan.


  • Replaced the separate queries that were run for deletion, update, and insertion of data into BigQuery and Snowflake Destination tables with the Merge query that performs all three tasks with a single scan of the database. A single query improves the efficiency, reduces resource utilization, and avoids chances of inconsistent results if tables are queried while these operations are going on.

  • Enhanced the Auto-mapping functionality to support generation of sort keys (based on the primary keys in the Source tables) for the Amazon Redshift Destination tables.


  • Enhanced the Resource Manager to share resources more fairly and optimally across all customers’ Pipelines. Customers can expect to see improvements in end-to-end latency, resulting in near real time data transfers and faster catch-up times during initial loads and backlog processing.

Schema Mapper

  • Enhanced the Schema Mapper view to highlight incompatible schema mappings and unmapped fields with Warning symbols and mouse-over text messages to help you resolve these. This change also replaces the Incomplete mapping status.


  • Added support for Marketo as a data Source. Read more about the Marketo connector.

  • Google Ads

    • Changed the data type of the Report Date (__hevo_report_date) field from long to timestamp in new Pipelines, to facilitate reading and querying the field.

    • Provided the option to fetch attributed data for up to 35 days instead of the default 2 days by modifying the Source configuration. This option is currently available only through contacting Hevo Support.

User Experience

  • Introduced UI improvements to optimally arrange the UI elements and generate more screen space for users.

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