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Last updated on Mar 29, 2024
Error Message Text(s) Error: Access Denied: BigQuery: Permission denied while getting Drive credentials.

Error Summary

This error is encountered when the model configured in BigQuery Destination is querying some tables from a Google Sheet stored in Drive.

Potential Causes

Hevo cannot run model queries on external tables. In this case, the model configured in BigQuery was querying tables referencing Google Drive.

Suggested Action(s)

  • Create a base table at the Destination for the external table and populate it with the available data in the external table. Use this base table in the model query.
    If you want to capture the updates, schedule a query on this newly created table to ensure the new and updated data is merged into the base table from the external table.

  • Create a new Pipeline within Hevo and ingest the required external table(s). In this case, you can create a Pipeline with Google Sheet as the Source.

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