Data Loading Statuses

Last updated on Jun 16, 2023
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Hevo may assign the following data loading statuses to the objects in the Pipeline to inform you of the progress and any action that you may need to take:

  • NOT STARTED: The loading activity for the object has not started yet.

  • QUEUED: The loading is ready to start and will begin loading as soon as the resources are available to load data to the Destination.

  • IN PROGRESS: This status is shown in the following scenarios:

    • The Events are being actively loaded for the objects.

    • The loading of Events temporarily failed due to some issue at the Destination, and Hevo is trying to load the Events again.

  • FAILED: There was an error while loading the Events to the Destination.

  • SUCCESS: The Events are synchronized with the Destination and loading is completed.

  • DEFERRED: The loading has been deferred for some time due to a constraint enforced by the Destination.

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