Release Version 1.64 (Jun-01-2021)

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023

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In this Release

New and Changed Features

Account Management


  • HubSpot as a Target

    • Provided integration with HubSpot as a Target for creating Activations.

      HubSpot as a Target

      Read HubSpot.


  • Metadata field __hevo_source_modified_at for Amazon DynamoDB Source

    • Included the Hevo-specific metadata field, __hevo_source_modified_at in Pipelines created with the Amazon DynamoDB Source, which captures the time when an Event was created/modified in the Source, to improve filtering of records for loading and transforming.

      Read Metadata Column __hevo_source_modified_at.


  • AWS Elasticsearch

    • Added support for AWS Elasticsearch as an independent Source.

      AWS ES

      Read Elasticsearch.

Fixes and Improvements

Account Management


  • Improved security of Source and Destination credentials

    • Enhanced the security of Source and Destination systems by masking the password information provided during Pipeline creation and while editing the configuration settings.


  • Secure connection to Elasticsearch databases using HTTPS protocol

    • Provided the option to connect to the Elasticsearch database using HTTPS protocol.

      Connect through HTTP setting in Elasticsearch

      Read Elasticsearch.

User Experience

  • Improved display in the Drag-and-Drop Transformations workspace UI

    • Fixed the display issues in the workspace whereby the transformation layout shifted as soon as a new transformation block was dragged to the workspace and any scaling or zoom set by the user was reset.
  • Improved Search feature

    • Enhanced the Search feature to work successfully even if the user enters the ‘#’ character along with the Activation/Destination/Pipeline/Model/Target ID in the search string.
  • Changed URL for EU region

    • Changed the HEVO app URL for EU region from to

Documentation Updates

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Account Management



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