Effect of Transformations on the Destination Table Structure

Last updated on Jun 02, 2023
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Refer to the following table to know how different Transformations may affect the structure of the Destination table:

Transformation Effect on the Destination table
- Add Field
- Flatten JSON
- Parse JSON From String
- Split Field
A new column gets created in the Destination table, and the data is replicated in this new column.
- Change Field Value
- Drop Events
- Find & Replace
- Hash Fields
- Mask Fields
- Modify Type Casting
- Rename Fields
- Rename Events
- Round-Off Decimal Fields
No new column is created. The data is replicated to an existing column in the Destination table.
- Format Date to String
- Format Number to String
- Parse Date from String
- Parse Number From String
These Transformations result in a change in the data type of the data being ingested. This can result in an incompatible data types error if existing table cannot accommodate the new data type. To resolve this error, you need to drop the existing Destination table and create a new one. Read more about Mapping an Event Type to a New Destination Table.
Also read Handling Different Data Types in Source Data to know how Hevo handles data with different data types.

NOTE: The Transformations apply only to the ingesting data. You must restart the historical load of the object to apply the Transformation to the existing data.

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