Understanding Events Usage for Billing

Last updated on Dec 14, 2023

The Events that your Pipelines load to the Destination directly impacts how much you are billed. Only incremental or new Events are billed; historical data load is free.

Note: For customers signing up after Oct 31, 2022, the Events consumed by a workspace across all regions are collectively billed under the billing account of that workspace. Read Multi-region Support.

Hevo charges you based on the selected pricing plan irrespective of whether you are consuming the full capacity of the plan or not.

If you exceed the number of Events allowed in your plan, one of the following happens:

  • If you are on an older pricing plan (prior to Release 1.48), you are charged as per the related overage plan.

  • If you are on a new pricing plan (Release 1.48 onwards), Hevo provides you a grace period to buy more Events, during which your Pipelines continue to run without any disruption. The Events quota utilized in the grace period are charged as per your subscription.

Events used in Free Trial of Unused Sources

Events loaded by Pipelines created for free trials of unused Sources are not counted for the duration of the Source trial.

Read Free Trials of Unused Sources.

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