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Pendo is a software platform that offers product experience and digital adoption solutions to product-led organizations. These solutions help product teams and application owners understand the customer’s product journey, guide users through in-app messaging, and collect feedback to deliver better product experiences.

Pendo allows creating accounts for your subscription only in the US or the EU region. Your data is stored in a regional data center, and Pendo does not allow migrating data between subscriptions or regions. Read Subscription Change Limitations.

Hevo uses the Pendo v1 API endpoints to replicate your data into the desired Destination database or data warehouse. For this, you must provide Hevo with an integration key to access your account’s data. Refer to the Data Model section for information on the objects that Hevo creates in your Destination.

Source Considerations

  • Pendo imposes a strict limit of 100 calls per second to any single API endpoint. Therefore, data ingestion is deferred for a second if the number of calls made by Hevo to any single API exceeds 100.

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