File Log

Last updated on Apr 10, 2023

File Log provides a bird’s eye view of the files being ingested in a Pipeline. File log is supported in Sources like Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, and SFTP.

Each entry in the File Log provides the following information:

  • Name of the Source file.

  • The time at which Hevo started ingesting the file.

  • The size of the file.

  • Current ingestion status of the file.

  • The time at which the ingestion status changed.

To access the File log, in the Pipeline Detailed View, click the Source Files tab.

File Log

In the File Log, you can:

File Statuses

A file can have one of the following statuses:

Status Description
Downloading Hevo is downloading the file from the Source for it to be subsequently ingested.
Downloaded Hevo has downloaded the file from the Source.
Ingesting Hevo is ingesting the file into the Pipeline.
Ingested Hevo has completely ingested the file into the Pipeline. At this stage, all the records in the file have not synced to the Destination.
Failed Hevo has failed to read or ingest the file.

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