Google Drive

Note: For Pipelines created with this Source, Hevo provides you a fully-managed BigQuery data warehouse Destination if you do not already have one set up. You are only charged the cost that Hevo incurs for your project in Google BigQuery. The invoice is generated at the end of each month and payment is recovered as per the payment instrument you have set up. You can now create your Pipeline and directly start analyzing your Source data. Read Hevo Managed Google BigQuery .

Connection Settings

  • Source name - Provide a unique name for the Source.
  • Select the folders which contain the files whose data is to be replicated. Hevo ingests data from all supported files present in the chosen folders.

How are Event Types generated

Excel files or Google Sheets

For Excel files or Google Sheets, the Event Types are generated on the basis of Sheet names. So, if you have multiple files in the folder, the rows from all the files with the same sheet name will be ingested as one Event Type and hence can be replicated to one table in the destination.

The Event names for these files will be in foldername_sheetname format. Here, the folder name is the Drive’s Folder Name.

CSV files

All the CSV files in the folder will be ingested as the same Event Type. The Event names for these files will be the Drive folder name.


  • Hevo only supports ingesting Excel, Google Sheets and CSV files from Drive.

  • Hevo does not support UTF-16 encoding format for CSV files. As a workaround, you can convert the files to UTF-8 encoding format before these are ingested by the Pipeline.

  • The name of Drive folders should not be modified once the Pipelines are built. If the names are modified, the new Events will be ingested with a different name according to the new folder name.

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