Release Version 1.79 (Jan-03-2022)

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • Databricks as a Destination

    • Provided integration with Databricks as a Destination for creating Pipelines.


      Read Databricks.


  • Expansion into New Regions

  • Added Australia to the list of regions supported by the Hevo platform. Use the AU instance ( to set up your accounts and start replicating data.

    Read Regions.


  • Asana as a Source

    • Provided integration with Asana as a Source for creating Pipelines.


      Read Asana.

  • Configurable Historical Sync Duration for HubSpot and Salesforce

    • Added support for a configurable Historical Sync Duration when creating a Pipeline.

      Configure Historical Sync Duration for Salesforce

      Read Hubspot, and Salesforce.

  • Free Trial of Unused Sources

    • Provided a 14-day free trial of unused Sources with unlimited Events usage for users on Free and Paid plans.

      Read Free Trial of Unused Sources.

  • Quicker Access to the Latest Data for SaaS Sources

    • Implemented reverse historical load for all existing and new Pipelines with CleverTap, Google Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Salesforce, Klaviyo, Mixpanel, and Twitter Ads as Sources. Hevo now ingests data starting from the latest to the earliest Event. This provides you quicker access to the most recent data when running a historical load. Any historical load that is ongoing during the feature deployment will be restarted to ingest data according to the new order.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Events Quota Management

    • Fixed an issue whereby Events were not being sidelined even after consuming the grace quota offered over and above the monthly Events quota.


  • Enhanced Data Ingestion for Facebook Pages

    • Added support for ingesting data for the post_video object, additional fields in the post object, and 130 additional metrics.

      Read Facebook Pages.

  • Enhanced Data Ingestion for Stripe

    • Added support for ingesting data for 21 additional objects for all new Pipelines.

      Read Stripe.

  • Handling Large Data in Google Sheets

    • Fixed a non-recurring bug that caused an excessively large amount of data ingestion.
  • Handling Large Objects in Facebook Ads

    • Fixed an error in the data ingestion of large Facebook Ads objects by batching data at the more granular, ads level instead of the account level in order to fetch the entire data. As this may result in a higher number of API calls, the data ingestion task for the corresponding object may be deferred by a day to abide by the per day limit on the number of API calls.
  • Improved Metafield API Response in Shopify

    • Enabled cursor-based pagination for the Metafield API to ensure that the entire result set of the API is fetched.
  • Ingestion of New Tables from Database Sources

  • Spatial Data Types in MySQL

    • Enhanced the MySQL integration to support all spatial data types (for example, POINT, GEOMETRY) when ingesting data. The ingested data values are parsed as per the JSON parsing strategy selected while configuring the Pipeline and stored as JSON objects in the Destination tables.

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- Reverse historical load support for Klaviyo and Mixpanel.
- Configurable Historical Sync Duration for HubSpot and Salesforce.

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