Viewing Audit History

Last updated on Jan 17, 2024
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This feature is currently available for Early Access. Please contact your Hevo account executive or Support team to enable it. Alternatively, request for early access to try out one or more such features.

You can view a summary of the number of logs ingested, loaded, and failed for all Pipelines in your account from the Audit Tables page on the Hevo UI. To view detailed information on the Events usage and data replication stages, you can query the Audit Tables from the SQL workbench of the Destination you configured to load the logs in. Read Querying Audit Tables for the suggested queries that you can execute in your SQL workbench.

Each column in the Audit History section of the Audit Tables page displays the following details in reverse chronological order, with the latest run details displayed at the top:

Viewing Audit History

  • Destination: The Destination in which Hevo loaded the logs.

  • Started At: The time at which Hevo started ingesting logs from its database.

  • Logs Ingested: The total count of logs ingested from the database that Hevo maintains for all Pipelines.

  • Logs Loaded: The total count of logs loaded to the Destination across all Pipelines.

  • Logs Failed: The total count of logs failed to load to the Destination because of an error, across all Pipelines.

  • Status: The status of loading the logs. This column can have the following values:

    • IN PROGRESS: Hevo is currently loading the logs.

    • FAILED: There was an error while loading the logs, and Hevo is trying to load them again.

    • SUCCESS: The logs are loaded to the Destination successfully.

You can also browse through the previously loaded logs by clicking the Arrow ( Arrow Icon ) icon in the top right of the Audit History section.

Previous Audit History

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