Model Reset

Last updated on May 30, 2023

Hevo provides you the option to reset the Model if you need to re-create the output table for any reason. For example, if you execute an incorrect query in the Model and do not find the output table data usable in the current form, you can reset the Model. During a reset, the entire existing data in the output table is purged.

Resetting applies only to incremental Models, as in case of full load or non-incremental Models, the output table is anyway recreated each time the Model runs.

To reset a Model, click the Reset Model button available above the SQL Query builder. If your Model has templatized queries, the timestamp is reset to 0 and the data is purged during the reset. Therefore, in the next run of the Model, the query fetches all the records from the start. However, if any data was deleted from the Destination table in the past, that data is not recreated in the output table. In subsequent runs, the query fetches incremental data, as usual.

Note: If you are using Legacy Models, you can switch over to the new Models to consume the latest features. Read Updating Legacy Models.

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