Format Number to String

Last updated on May 30, 2023
Description: Format numbers to strings.
Available Filters: Event Filters:
- Event Type
- Event Field

Field Filters:
- Field Name
- Field Value
Settings: String Format: This can be:
- Plain Text (“123456”)
- Number (1,23,456)
- Percent (12345600 %) E.g. 123.456 is multiplied by 100 and rounded up to the nearest integer as 12346%
- Scientific (1.01E + 12)
- Currency ($ 1,23,456.00). Currently, only USD is supported.
- Custom
Transformation Considerations: None.

Sample Transformation

Scenario: Change the format of the values in the Salary field for all Events of the Employee Event Type to add a comma at each place value, as per the US numeration style.


  • Event Type = Employee
  • Fields = All fields with name = Salary


  • String Format = Number

Number to string

Result: When you test the Transformation, the value 65000 in the Salary field is changed to the Number format as 65,000.

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