Release Version 1.81

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023

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In this Release

New and Changed Features

Hevo API

Fixes and Improvements


  • Improved Deduplication Support for Table and Custom SQL-based Pipelines

  • Enhanced Pipeline Activity Graphs

    • Provided an option to know Billable Events and Historical Events count in the Activity Graphs for all Pipelines and Destinations to give you more information regarding your Events quota usage.

      Events Graph

      Read Pipeline Activity Graphs.


  • Improved Deduplication Support

    • Implemented a fix for a non-recurring bug in PostgreSQL that caused the duplication of Source objects, tasks, and relations. The solution also prevents the bug to reoccur in other Sources in the future.
  • Support for CleverTap Sources in the US region

    • Added support for the US region for configuring CleverTap as a Source.

      US Region

  • Support for Unsegmented Reports in Twitter Ads

  • Support for Zendesk Voice Objects

    • Provided the option to ingest data from the Zendesk Voice objects, Calls and Call Legs, thus enabling users to analyze call data, such as the call duration or the number of calls.

      Read Data Model.


  • Seamless Handling of Pipelines on Shopify API Version Change

    • Enhanced the integration with Shopify to automatically switch to the next stable version of their API whenever the previous version expires, thus preventing any failure of Pipelines.

Documentation Updates

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