Hevo lets you load your Zendesk tickets and user information into your data warehouse.

Note: For Pipelines created with this Source, Hevo provides you a fully-managed BigQuery data warehouse Destination if you do not already have one set up. You are only charged the cost that Hevo incurs for your project in Google BigQuery. The invoice is generated at the end of each month and payment is recovered as per the payment instrument you have set up. You can now create your Pipeline and directly start analyzing your Source data. Read Hevo Managed Google BigQuery .


You must be an admin in Zendesk to access your data through APIs.

Generate a Zendesk API token
Go to your Zendesk dashboard, on the left navigation bar you will find a gear () icon. Upon clicking, you will enter a new page. Select Channels > API here. Click on the settings tab and enable Token Access. Click on the + button and generate a new API Token. Copy the API Token and save it in a secure location. For more details please go through this Zendesk documentation.

Connection Settings

Add your Zendesk details in the next screen. You will need to enter the following details:

  • Source Name: A unique name for your Zendesk source
  • Sub Domain: Your Zendesk Sub Domain
  • Email: Your login email id for Zendesk
  • Token: Zendesk token which you created in the first step

How it works

Hevo gets information regarding your Tickets, Ticket Events, Organizations and Users using Zendesks Incremental Export API. The data produced by these APIs have a field named id that is unique to a datatype(e.g. ticket or user). Hevo recommends you to use id as your primary key while creating a table in your destination.

Last updated on 20 Oct 2020