Can I change the Destination table name after creating the Pipeline?

Last updated on May 30, 2023

Yes, you can rename your Destination table name after creating the Pipeline. However, renaming creates a new Destination table and only the incremental data is loaded into it. To load all your data into the new table, you need to restart the historical load for the Event Type from the Pipeline Detailed View page.

You can rename the table:

To change the Destination table name using the Destination workbench:

  1. Click Workbench in the DESTINATIONS page.

    Workbench in the DESTINATIONS page

  2. Run the following SQL command in the Workbench:



    TABLE_NAME is the current table name and NEW_TABLE_NAME is the new name.

  3. Click Refresh Schema in the Destination Overview page.

    Select Refresh Schema option

  4. Navigate to the Schema Mapper page and disable Auto Mapping for the specific Event Type. This helps in avoiding sidelining of Events due to the change in the Destination table name.

  5. Select Change Destination Table from the Kebab menu next to the Destination table name and select the new table that you have mentioned in the SQL query from the drop-down list.

    Select Change Destination Table name option

  6. Enable Auto Mapping for the Event Type.

The data gets loaded in the renamed Destination table.

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